The Ford government announced today that it will be mandating that gas stations display stickers that reveal the cost of the federal carbon tax for those filling up.

They will also be mandating that heating bills clearly indicate the cost of the federal carbon tax.

This is part of what Ford Nation refers to as “transparency measures.” It will help consumers see exactly how much the carbon tax is costing them.

The decision today comes at the same time as the price of gas reaches a record-setting high of 164.9 per litre in Vancouver.

Ford stated in an email blast to his constituents that “Maybe these guys [journalists] don’t care about what gas costs them, but I know how much it matters.”

He went on to say that, “It’s journalists and politicians like these who make it tough for the little guy. They don’t understand there’s a whole world out here, filled with folks just trying to get by.”

As has been previously noted in The Post Millennial, the high prices on gas station signs are basically free campaign ads for Conservatives.