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Drivers in Vancouver can’t catch a break and are now paying a whopping, record-shattering price of 164.9 cents a litre

The disastrous costs come as a result of British Columbia’s carbon tax, which was hiked on April 1, as well as refinery issues in the United States.

But sadly, there’s more! According to Gas Buddy’s Dan McTeague, the cost of gas might rise even further.

BC Premier John Horgan recently told the National Post that he’s considering some form of “relief” for those who can’t afford to keep paying these record gas prices. But don’t expect that any time soon.

“We’ll see how it goes through the summer and if there’s an opportunity to have the province step in and help, we’ll do that. But at this point, I’m hopeful there will be some correlation between the commodity price and retail price. Those are issues that are market driven and out of my control,” he said.

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