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Big moves on trade: TPP deal injects new dynamic at tense NAFTA talks

Canada's decision to sign onto a major multinational trade agreement without the United States added a dramatic new wrinkle to the NAFTA process Tuesday just as negotiators gathered for a crucial bargaining round.

Coalition of unions fights Ontario rules on election advertising spending

A coalition of Ontario unions that has spent millions on attack ads targeting Progressive Conservatives during past election campaigns is fighting a Liberal law that limits how much third parties can spend on election advertising.

Justin Trudeau is acting more like an Emperor than a Prime Minister

In case you haven’t noticed, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is forcing the entire country to discuss an issue that should be avoided in polite company.

Ex-ISIS fighters cannot be De-radicalized

The document largely describes a scenario in which returning fighters and radicals denied access to travel abroad do pose a real potential threat to Canadians.

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