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Gov. Eric Greitens

Indictment of Missouri governor could have political ripples

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — It didn't take long after Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens was indicted for alleged invasion of privacy for Missouri Democrats to...

Justin Trudeau acted “too Indian even for an Indian”

Justin Trudeau’s eight-day trip to India (appearing to be more of a family vacation than work) has been an unequivocal disaster; one bad thing leading into another.

The way governments learn someone has died is getting a digital makeover

OTTAWA — The path Canadians must take to inform their governments about a death in the family is getting a digital overhaul to avoid delays that can — and...

Patrick Brown’s lawyers serve libel notice to CTV

The lawyers for Patrick Brown have served CTV and its parent company bell media a libel notice. This is considered a precursor to more serious action and a statement of claim is expected next.

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