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Reports of water being infiltrated by “chemicals” surfaced in Attawapiskat, Ontario about two weeks ago. There has been a massive outcry for the government to solve this crisis. However, Minister of Indigenous Services Seamus O’Regan hasn’t given this the attention it needs.

Two weeks ago, residents of the Attawapiskat community complained about chemicals being present in their water supply. They had an “emergency meeting” where they were told to limit their water usage.

Furthermore, it was also revealed that 53% of on-reserve children are living in poverty, thus highlighting the horrid treatment of indigenous communities in Canada.

After NDP MPs Charlie Angus and Tracey Ramsay visited the reserve, the called on the O’Regan to do the same. After numerous requests, O’Regan finally announced he would visit the reserve. The reserve is currently under a state of emergency.

When he did visit the reserve, however, he was schooled by an eight-year-old girl who criticized the Liberal government’s lack of response to the emergency.

According to one observer, the eight-year-old girl told O’Reagan that he was lying.

This isn’t the first time he has disappointed on the topic of indigenous affairs. One month ago, NDP MP Niki Ashton slammed him and the Liberal government for not providing the people of Grassy Narrows with a water facility as was promised. 

In fact, Seamus O’Regan has participated in other various blunders committed by the Trudeau government too. 

He accompanied PM Trudeau on his trip to Aga Khan’s island, which led to a massive public outcry.

A veterans’ activist was also allowed to proceed with a defamation case against O’Regan. This came after O’Regan, the then-veterans affairs minister, lashed out at the activist for criticizing a Liberal government proposal to give veterans with service-related injuries the choice of a lump-sum payment or life-time pension.

The saga of misfortunes continues for O’Regan and local indigenous communities are paying for it.