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Attawapiskat locals warned that their water contains “chemicals”

Attawapiskat locals warned that their water contains “chemicals” 

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According to a tweet shared by a resident of Attawapiskat, Ont., the local indigenous community is being told to limit its water usage as it may contain “chemicals.” 

The tweet comes from Chelsea Jane Edwards who describes a tepid situation as residents were advised to not even “wash their food.”

Another resident of the community, who goes by the name of “Sutherland” says he can’t differentiate between pesticides and the local water 

An article that was written about the region eight years ago, highlighting its “water crisis,” still seems relevant today.

The situation of indigenous communities in Canada has been dire, to say the least. 

During parliament session this summer, NDP MP Niki Ashton attacked PM Trudeau and called him a “trust fund Prime Minister” for not giving the people of Grassy Narrows adequate drinking water as he promised.

Dan Vandal, the Liberal parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Indigenous Services, responded by saying he will “continue communication” with the community, and proclaimed a “health facility will be built.”

With the indigenous community still living in near third-world conditions, the Canadian government must deliver them their basic needs and human rights.

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