In a rare moment of parliamentary solidarity, Conservatives gave NDP MP Niki Ashton a standing ovation in parliament. The reason? She blasted Trudeau by calling him a “Trust Fund Prime Minister.”

To the delight of Niki Ashton and those that believe in the horseshoe theory, Conservative MPs showed across the aisle solidarity.

Ashton was fighting for the people of Grassy Narrows, who asked the government to put the funding for a mercury treatment centre in a trust fund. The Minister for Indigenous Services “lied” to the people saying “shovels are ready”—the government did not heed to their concerns.

When the NDP put forward a motion in Parliament calling for the money to be put into a trust fund, the Liberals refused to even move it forward.

She slammed Trudeau, saying it was “ironic” that “our Trust Fund Prime Minister” won’t support a trust fund for the people of Grassy Narrows. The parliament erupted in laughter at this smart and sarcastic comment.

Ashton concluded by pressingly asking the Liberals why they were “delaying, denying, and obstructing” justice.

The Speaker urged the house to be “judicious and prudent” and  avoid comments that can be “insulting.”

Dan Vandal, the Liberal parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Indigenous Services, responded by saying he will “continue communication” with the community, and proclaimed a “health facility will be built.”

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