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Trump considers declaring Antifa a “major Organization of Terror”
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Trump considers declaring Antifa a “major Organization of Terror” 

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In a scathing tweet which included the phrase “gutless Radical Left Wack Jobs,” U.S. President Donald J. Trump announced that considerations are being made to formally declare Antifa a domestic terrorist organization for their continued use of violence for political ends—the literal definition of terrorism.

The comments regarding the use of baseball bats is a reference to a Portland, Oregon protest in late June. After the protest, images of an elderly man who was beaten by Portland Antifa members wielding baseball bats and a crowbar to the point that he couldn’t see past the blood dripping down his face were circulated, while another man, who tried to protect the elderly citizen, suffered a cracked skull and other serious injuries.

The protest in which this horrendous gang beating took place was the very same that Quillete journalist Andy Ngo was punched, kicked, and had milkshakes filled with quick dry cement thrown on his face. It has since been revealed that Ngo suffered a brain injury from the vicious attack.

The event, which was recorded and widely mirrored, shook the world’s perception of Antifa. Throughout the video, Ngo can be seen with his hands up in submission, completely unarmed, as assaults continue to rain down upon him.

Something else about this event that many online commentators pointed out was the complete lack of police presence at the event. Based on Trump’s tweet, an inability to legally act to protect either side, rather than a strict stand-down order, may have been the reason Portland’s police allowed so much violence to occur for so long.

More recently, a member of Antifa died as he committed an act of terrorism, a firebombing of a federal immigration facility in Tacoma.

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