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Selina Soule is fighting for justice for women in sports

Selina Soule is fighting for justice for women in sports 

The transgender movement seemed like a pretty straightforward “rights” issue when it began. But after gathering steam, it became clear that trans rights and women’s rights were headed for a bruising collision. In one institutional or social arena after another—women’s prisons, rape shelters, locker rooms, waxing salons—we have seen that “justice” for transwomen can and often does mean injustice for women.

Injustice for women is nowhere more starkly evident than in the realm of sports. Sports is perhaps the last real bastion of the meritocracy in western society. Or was, before the capitulation of the sporting world to trans dogmas that have sacrificed women’s rights on the altar of gender correctness. Biological males who identify—or say they identify—as women are redefining women’s sports and in the process draining motivation from female athletes who want to compete in sports that depend on power and speed as the basis for success. 

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