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Liberal MP suggests that journalists should misinform Canadians

Liberal MP suggests that journalists should misinform Canadians 

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Yesterday, the CBC published an article that claimed we blurred the lines between being Conservatives and journalists.

In this piece I won’t spend too much time on the contents of the CBC post, you can read my response to that article published earlier today by clicking here.

Instead, I’d like to focus on the tweet put forward by the Liberal MP for Spadina-Fort York Adam Vaughan.

In his message, Mr. Vaughan alleges that we are extremists, and in turn, the journalists which cover us should misspell our names, and never provide links to our site.

In effect, the Liberal MP appears to be arguing for a special kind of world where the people you trust to inform actively decide to hide information. As an individual who left Iran in hopes of the freedoms provided in Canada, seeing this sort of rhetoric makes it feel like I never left.

If you are to the right of Adam Vaughan, or I suppose to the left of him in the case of our progressive writers, in the mind of this member of parliament, media should actively put forward incomplete work which could cause further misinformation, on purpose.

Given Vaughan’s sentiments, they become increasingly worrisome taken in concert with the optics of an MP for the government actively pushing a its approved and tax break-funded, news ecosystem.

The problematic nature of these comments does not stop there.

According to the National Post, Justice Minister David Lametti plans on looking at the recommendation put forward by a Liberal dominated House of Commons committee which urges the government to bring back section 13 Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA).

Section 13, was previously removed from the CHRA due to the wide net it cast on a plethora of potential free-speech censorship problems.

The federal government and their MP’s appear to be making their intentions known. They seem not interested in truth, nor in supporting independent media. They are only interested in re-election, and the control of information.

As self-anointed bearers of “truth” like Vaughan come out of the woodwork, what do you think about the government’s planned intrusions into the free market of ideas?

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If you’d like to read some more of Mr. Vaughan’s wacky statements click here.

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