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Liberal MP Adam Vaughan’s most embarrassing Twitter moments
Liberal MP Adam Vaughan's most embarrassing Twitter moments
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Liberal MP Adam Vaughan’s most embarrassing Twitter moments 

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Adam Vaughan is a Liberal MP for Spadina-Fort York, who has an affinity for being totally cringey on Twitter.

His specialties include making inappropriate comments, deleting tweets after they backfire, and poorly Photoshopping conservatives into forced memes.

Here are Adam Vaughan’s five worst moments on Twitter.

“Let’s just whack Doug Ford” comment

Early this year Adam Vaughan was forced to apologize for his comments in which he suggested that people should “whack” the Premier of Ontario Doug Ford.

In an attempt to save face after people read the tweet as a call to political execution, the Toronto MP claimed that the intention behind his tweet was harmless and that he only meant “to defeat somebody in a game easily.”

He followed the tweet by another of his Photoshop masterpieces in which he pasted the face of the Premier on a whack a mole machine while kids prepared to clobber him.

This tweet backfired so spectacularly that Vaughan had to eventually apologize publicly for his misguided actions.

Suggested that mainstream media purposefully censor alternative news outlets

In response to a recent hit piece by CBC News on our publication, Vaughan took issue with the fact that the author provided a “critique” on The Post Millennial.

According to Vaughan, mainstream outlets like CBC should instead “Misspell their names, never provide a link to the sites & post comments without direct replies”.

It appears that Vaughan thinks spreading disinformation to purposefully deceive the public is a good idea.

Missionary position leads to “terrible sex” according to Vaughan

In one of his latest deleted tweets Vaughan strangely tagged the CANADALAND host to tell him his opinion on a Quillette article about the virtues of the missionary position.

According to Vaughan’s personal preference, the missionary position is “terrible.”

Thanks for that Adam.

It is unclear whether Vaughan meant to private message Brown but the MP was unable to hastily delete the tweet before people jumped on the opportunity to point out the strangeness of his comment.

The Andrew Scheer Smurf meme

It’s unclear whether Adam Vaughan is practicing for a career as a professional Photoshopper, or if he gets all of his memes from a senior’s Facebook page, but he sure likes to post low-quality parodies like the image below.

It sure is hard to comment on this when I can’t imagine anybody (except for Adam Vaughan) finding this funny. I guess the humor in this is that Vaughan dedicated his precious time as a public servant outlining the contours of Andrew Scheer’s face.

Posting a picture of Conservatives drowning in a flood

Adam Vaughan must take special personal pride in this image since he doesn’t hesitate to post it incessantly in the replies of Conservative MPs. For example, Vaughan found four occasions to share this masterpiece in the last five days alone.

Overlooking the underlying violent messaging behind this image, Vaughan seems to think making light of some of the worst flooding to hit Canada’s east coast is a good idea.

What do you think about Adam Vaughan’s Twitter antics? Let us know by commenting below!

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