The Liberal Members of Parliament who sit on the justice committee have written a letter to the committee chair, Anthony Housefather, also a Liberal MP, asking him to end the investigation into the SNC Lavalin affair.

Citing the fact that the committee has heard from 10 different witnesses who provided over 13 hours of testimony, the Liberal committee members wrote to Housefather saying that Canadians now have enough information to “judge for themselves.”

The letter also criticized the opposition parties for “rushing to judgement” and failing to keep an “open mind” like the Liberal MP’s claim to have done.

The Liberal members also noted that the waiver released by the Trudeau government was an “extraordinary step” which gave the witnesses “full opportunity to speak under the waiver.”

Pointing to the investigation underway into the SNC Lavalin affair by the ethics commissioner Mario Dion, the Liberal MP’s said they “look forward to reviewing any public report.”

Essentially, as longtime Global News reporter David Akin pointed out above, this basically ends any chance of Jody Wilson-Raybould coming back to testify in front of the committee.

As the governing party, with a majority mandate, the Liberals hold the majority of seats on the committee and are free to direct it as they please.

The question now becomes, will Wilson-Raybould find another venue to release the rest of her story? Only time will tell.

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