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Grassroots group organizing against the CBC’s alleged anti-gun bias
Grassroots group organizing against the CBC's alleged anti-gun bias
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Grassroots group organizing against the CBC’s alleged anti-gun bias 

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Earlier this week The Post Millennial published an article detailing how two pieces were removed from CBC’s Radio International Website for allegedly being too pro-gun.

Since publication, that story has continued to progress and the new developments are fairly interesting.

Notably, the Editor-in-Chief for the website responded by stating that the pieces were considered incomplete and that they would be republished closer to the election, and in “long format”.

The problem with this?

The CBC still maintains on their primary website a mountain of articles which are incredibly one-sided when it comes to the coverage of guns and gun control.

According to Tracey Wilson, a staff member of the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR), in 2018 alone there where more than 20 questionable articles.

Editor’s Note: You can view Tracey’s list by clicking here.

None of those articles have been taken down for the purposes of providing balance. Yet the one series which aimed to discuss the technical aspects of guns, that was rapidly removed due to balance.

This alleged onesidedness has spurned Wilson to act by actively asking Canadians to file complaints regarding each story to the CBC’s ombudsman.

Whether that leads to anything we will have to wait and see, in the meantime, many Canadians may begin to worry about the CBC continuously becoming more anti-gun precisely at a time when the governing party openly discusses a handgun ban, and the 2019 election fast approaches.

What do you think? Will you be filing a complaint? Are you worried about Canada’s public broadcaster and the role it plays in defining Canadian media?

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