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CBC allegedly pulls fact-based firearms article for being too “pro-gun”
CBC allegedly pulls fact-based firearms article for being too "pro-gun"
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CBC allegedly pulls fact-based firearms article for being too “pro-gun” 

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According to Tracey Wilson, a staff member of the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR), the CBC removed a four-part written series from the Radio Canada International website, for being too “pro-gun”.

The now halted series aimed to challenge many of the unsubstantiated claims recently made by the federal government as well as anti-gun lobbyists across the nation.

For example, in the first part which can still be accessed through an archiving site, the content takes on illegal firearms purchases, the origin of illegal guns, as well as the practice of straw purchases, while the second part discusses assault weapons. The third and fourth part was never released.

In an interview with The Post Millennial, Tracey stated that she believed this was removed due to a complaint which found the content to be “too pro-gun.”

She found that quite perplexing given the nature of the article itself, which aimed to point out the illogical claims made by individuals who do not adequately understand firearms.

When the very things you are discussing are technical and factual in nature and not emotion based ideological arguments, there is no “other side”. Facts are facts so it is impossible to show two sides when there is only truth.

Tracey Wilson

Even more pressing, with the Canadian election rapidly approaching, you would assume removing any and all unsubstantiated claims on guns would be important to the public broadcaster.

Update: A CBC representative has now responded that the articles were considered “incomplete”. That response appears to have not gone well with most online.

What do you think about this story? Has the CBC made a mistake by removing the content?

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