Among all of the drama surrounding the Prime Minister at the moment, some are now pointing out that Guy Saint-Pierre, former President, CEO, and chairman of the board of SNC-Lavalin, is listed as a donor on the Liberal Party’s 2015-2016 annual financial report.

There is nothing illegal about Saint-Pierre donating to the Trudeau Foundation, but it does catch the attention of many that are already scrutinizing the PM for trying to politically interfere in the justice system.

Since he became Liberal leader in April 2013, gifts to the Foundation have increased significantly. Donations went from $172,211 in 2015 to $731,753 in 2016, while foreign donations from 0 in 2007 to $535,000 in 2016.

Some of Canada’s largest corporations including Air Canada, BMO, Suncor and Resolute Forest Products — have sponsored Trudeau Foundation conferences. While others like Bombardier even have members of their board of directors on the board of the Trudeau Foundation.