Mr. Patrick Pichette a board member of the Trudeau Foundation was also a board member on Bombardier. This is extremely interesting as Bombardier has received large amounts of funding since Trudeau was elected into office.

Bombardier received a $372.5-million loan package announced in February for Bombardier’s CSeries and Global 7000 aircraft programs. At which point the executives provided themselves with a wage increase of $10 million.

Imagine if this occurred to Donald Trump, how would the media have acted? This would have been all over the news as a possible breach of conflict of interest. Yet in Canada, the mainstream media has largely left issues like this out of the public eye.

As even when the Prime Minister has been proven to have broken ethics rules, there are no consequences.

What is your view on this? Let us know below.


  1. “Yet in Canada, the mainstream media has largely left issues like this out of the public eye.”
    And they also leave many other such ‘sensitive’ tidbits out of mainstream articles as to not stir up any dust which may take a long time to settle, if at all!

    • Why would we be surprised that the PM himself is stealing from us, he’s been stealing from us from the beginning. Him and his party of traitors and lying trash have been lying for a long long time. Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chretien, Dalton McGuinty, Orville Wynne, and so many other Liberals, all politicians lie but the Liberals are the worst

  2. Well, the cracks are finally showing up. Surely this is a major conflict of interest, where are the watch dogs making sure this is not happening. This is another place where our money is disappearing. From this dingbat, Wyann, to the advocate for Islam and pedofelia, the whole national wide, where there are Liberals, there is theft, obstruction of justice, channeling of funds out of Canada via The Crooked Clinton Foundation. Are there any lawyers out here who can advise how we can get these thieves and traitors thrown in Jail???/

  3. With the Bombardier board member also on Trudeau’s foundation board, how much money was donated to the Trudeau foundation after the government of Canada gave Bombardier $375 million?

    • Trudeau has been stealing from Canadians since the day he took office! Every penny he gives to something he gets a cut! There is no doubt in my mind that he has met with the best, and has been given so much information and instruction on how to amass millions from the people that he is now down right cocky! The Clintons and Obama have been to Canada on several occasion AFTER their departure from Politics. WHY? WHY? They both have foundations and know the ins and outs. However the Clintons Re now under investigation with regards to their foundation and corruption. SOROS! Another great source! I will not tolerate him taking the elderly citizens Pension funds to give to another Country! This man and his Liberal Part all need to be brought to justice NOW!

  4. I would like to know why we Canadians let that pos get away with taking Canada down and our shame full news media is not reporting it. CTV, Global and CBS should all be accountable for there actions.

  5. Seems as if everytime something like this comes up, the only thing we hear about on the news is what Trump has done . What is it about the media that likes a puppet to run a country. Why have Canadians not been more vocal to make the media report the ugly truth about what is happening in Canada.


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