Another Yellow Vest protest appears to have ended in violence after Antifa counter-protesters showed up.

A Tweet by Yellow Vests Canada shows an elderly man being attacked by masked antifa members. The video itself shows multiple individuals attacking three protestors, including an elderly man with what look like sticks.

The video provides no context as to why the fight erupted or what took place before the camera started rolling

Interestingly a CTV report posted on Januery the 26th points out that the Police have arrested a 25-year-old man during a yellow-vest protest in Hamilton, Ont., on Saturday morning.

According to the Police, a verbal exchange occurred with Antifa counter-protesters, followed by an assault.

Police say the man has been charged with assault with a weapon, possession of a prohibited weapon and causing a disturbance.

It is not known who’s side the 25-year-old was on, but given the video above, I would venture to guess that he does not represent the average Yellow Vest demographic.

What does this mean going forward?

While the video above is extremely short, counting for less than 10 seconds of content, it does show us a snapshot of the kind of violence which are rapidly becoming a normal part of Canadian protests, especially when they are hosted or interrupted by the agitated political extremists.

This snapshot is important, as even in 2018 for example, we covered violence at the Ottawa protest against Global Compact for Migration.

Since then, violent reports have only continued to grow, forcing me to pose a serious question.

Can Canadians continue to accept groups which hide their faces and openly engage in violence?

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