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ANTIFA violence breaks out at Ottawa protest against Global Compact for Migration
ANTIFA violence breaks out at Ottawa protest against Global Compact for Migration
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ANTIFA violence breaks out at Ottawa protest against Global Compact for Migration 

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Police have already started cracking down on both sides of a demonstration against the UN’s Global Compact for Migration after Antifa caused violence.

More than a dozen groups have converged in Ottawa today to voice their opposition to the Trudeau government’s impending signature in Marrakesh, Morocco of a multi-national pact which they argue will turn over Canada’s sovereignty to “globalist interests.”

Anti-Compact for migration groups behind gate on Parliament hill

They were soon met by organized bands of “ANTIFA” counter-protesters, who did not hesitate to use violence according to eyewitness accounts of two sources in the crowd working with The Post Millennial.

Protest for and against the Global Compact for Migration turns violent

The Antifa were swiftly dealt with by the police.

Ottawa police immobilize Antifa

One of our sources said Antifa are “waiting for them” on the other side of a security line. Antifa provoked demonstrators by calling them racist. As soon as they got violent, police got into action, pinning them to the ground.

Antifa gets pinned by police in Ottawa
Violent Antifa gets pinned by police at Ottawa demonstration against Compact for Migration

Here is video evidence of Antifa being arrested:

Police have also outlawed protesters wearing yellow jackets, such as those worn in Paris by people fighting the recent increases in gas taxes.

Organized groups opposing the Global Compact for Migration, such as La Meute, arrived wearing their colours.

La Meute present at demonstration against Migration Compact

Just before 11 AM, anti-Compact demonstrators from La Meute, La Horde, and other groups gathered. Some brought their children.

Anti-terror expert Tom Quiggin gave a speech.

Anti-terrorism expert Thomas Quiggin speaks at demonstration against Global Compact for Migration - Copyright: Raymond Ayas – TPM

Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada and sponsor of Parliamentary petition E-1906 opposing the Compact for migration is expected to speak soon.

Update: Maxime Bernier is no longer expected to speak at the protest. According to a comment from his team, our previous information that he was supposed to speak was correct.

However, after learning that certain groups (which the party organizer did not name) would be present, the MP from Beauce did not have faith the demonstration would remain peaceful. Mr. Bernier therefore decided this demonstration would not be the best venue for his speech. He was not in Ottawa today.

This is an on the ground report and will be updated.

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