Earlier this week the Prime Minister awkwardly stumbled when asked how his own family had reduced their plastic use.

The unsatisfactory answer from the PM came after his government announced plans to ban many single-use plastics. The move to ban single-use plastics has already been panned as pointless and risky as most alternatives either risk harming some individuals or have the potential to do more environmental damage in the long-run.

In response, it seems many Canadians now appear to be trolling the PM by using prop boxed waters in their photos and videos.

Huttges Renovations Contracting interestingly posted the following video with the caption, ” Just loading up our drink box water bottle sorta thing before we get our day started…”

Just loading up our drink box water bottle sorta thing before we get our day started…

Публикувахте от Huttges Renovations & Contracting в Сряда, 12 юни 2019 г.

While Twitter user @wikijeff posted a photo with an “available at Loblaws” tag, likely making a dig at the recent decision from the Trudeau government to provide the company millions in aid in order to purchase and install energy efficient fridges.

Outside of social media users, MPs also appear to have joined in on the trolling, with Rachael Harder posting the following on Instagram.

Conservative candidate Sarah Fischer posted a video of herself attempting to drink water from a box. It was suboptimal.

Even the leader of the opposition appears to have joined in at his recent garden party.

What do you think about the plan to ban single-use plastics? Will you be taking water-boxes? Join the conversation by commenting below!