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YouTuber Onision Calls 911 on Chris Hansen

YouTuber Onision Calls 911 on Chris Hansen 

Greg Jackson, better known as Onision, has been under fire for his questionable relationships with young women over the past few years—and it’s all come to a head. As The Post Millennial documented, the infamous YouTuber who shot to fame in the mid-2000s during the early days of the video platform, has been exposed by former female fans who accused him of grooming them when they were underage.

In 2016, the 34-year-old YouTuber was exposed for running a forum where he urged young teenage girls—some of whom were underage—to post photos of themselves in their underwear. As documented by William Hicks on the now-defunct News Corp publication, Heat Street, Jackson used to publish videos consisting of “critiques” of young girls’ bodies. Jackson described his criticism as an enforcement of healthy body positivity, but his remarks often veered into scathing insults about their figures in videos that drew in thousands of views.

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