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Young Adult authors continue their mobbing ways
Young Adult authors continue their mobbing ways
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Young Adult authors continue their mobbing ways 

In the wake of the backlash to last week’s takedown of YA novelist Amélie Wen Zhao’s unpublished novel Blood Heir, two authors who brought Zhao’s work up for critique are reported to have suffered death threats. A tweet went out calling for those sympathetic to the authors who called out Zhou’s book to buy and donate these author’s books to their local schools or libraries, to make up for the damage done by the violent threats.

Ellen Oh, author of middle grade and young adult fiction, and founder of We Need Diverse Books, and L.L. McKinney, young adult fantasy author, were among the most ardent proponents of the Zhao’s book being censored. Because of the backlash to their opposition to the book, brought out of the depths of YA book Twitter by journalist Jesse Singal, these authors were subjected to hatred. Not cool, everyone. As bad as it is to hound an author out of her premier publication, it is at least as bad to send death threats to people with whom you disagree. This is the children’s literature community, after all.

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