Were you wondering how much beer your fellow Canadians drank last year? Well thankfully, a new report by Beer Canada has given us the official breakdown as to just how much each Canadian drinks, by province.

Here are a full list of the results, along with the amount of litres consumed. You can also click on each province to see a detailed breakdown of your province’s drinking habits:

  1. Newfoundland, 93.4 L
  2. Quebec, 83.3 L
  3. Prince Edward Island, 79.8 L
  4. Alberta, 76.3 L
  5. Nova Scotia, 75.2 L
  6. New Brunswick, 74.3 L
  7. Saskatchewan, 73.8 L
  8. British Columbia, 72.5 L
  9. Manitoba, 70.9 L
  10. Ontario, 69.1 L

If you were to have asked me beforehand, I would have definitely guessed that Ontario led the drinking pack. I have many good friends in Ontario, and I can say with certainty that they’re playing their part, as far as beer drinking goes.

It turns out the champion of beer drinking in Canada is Newfoundland! Drinking an average of 93.4 L of beer per year!

That figure may not be easy to picture, but let’s put it this way: 93.4 L divided over the course of 52 weeks in a year results in about 1.7 L of beer consumed per week. Or, the equivalent of just over 3.5 pints.

How does Canada stack up internationally, though? Well, while Canada does have a reputation of being beer lovers, we do have some serious catching up to do.

As of the most recent international numbers, Canada ranks 34th in the world, behind countries like Mexico, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom!

It turns out that Canada doesn’t just love drinking beer, it also loves making beer. The National Overview found that since last year, the amount of breweries has gone up by 21.8%, as Canada now has just under 1,000 breweries. And although Ontario drank the least beer, it turns out that they also had the most breweries!

  1. Ontario, 300
  2. Quebec, 210
  3. British Columbia, 180
  4. Alberta, 112
  5. Nova Scotia, 60
  6. New Brunswick 50
  7. Saskatchewan, 40
  8. Newfoundland, 19
  9. Manitoba, 11
  10. Prince Edward Island, 9

Does your province fall flat? Where do you rank? Let us know in the comments below.