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Jessica Yaniv threatened with legal action over sex assault accusation
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Jessica Yaniv threatened with legal action over sex assault accusation 

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Canadian trans activist Jessica Yaniv has been threatened with legal action after telling her Twitter followers that The Post Millennial‘s Amy Eileen Hamm sexually assaulted her. So to avoid this, Yaniv must issue a full public apology and retract her statement immediately.

The original incident occurred on January 15th, in which Yaniv accused Hamm on twitter of sexually assaulting her in the courthouse. Yaniv described the incident as “vicious,” stating that she had to seek out a rape crisis centre.

The legal letter that was sent to Yaniv after this incident, stated that “Ms. Hamm intends to commence legal action against you. Your lies have publicly damaged her. She has suffered embarrassment and humiliation … you are much larger and more psychically imposing, dwarfing her psychically.”

The letter went on to say, “We hereby demand a public apology and immediate retraction of your defamation … further harassment of Ms. Hamm will be met with immediate legal action.”

This letter will come as a blow to Yaniv who is currently facing other legal troubles. Yesterday, the trans activist was arrested and charged with assault after lashing out and smacking a Rebel Media commentator on camera.

Yaniv’s alleged assault of the Rebel Media commentator was outside a courthouse where she appeared in court on weapons charges, after revealing she owned a taser on Blaire White’s Youtube Channel.

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