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Women athletes are being marginalized by progressive ideologues
Women athletes are being marginalized by progressive ideologues
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Women athletes are being marginalized by progressive ideologues 

Women have had to fight tooth and nail to gain entry into the male-dominated arena of sports. During the first modern Olympics, held in 1896 in Athens, no women were allowed to compete in the 43 offered for male competitors. During the next 24 years of competition (1916 Berlin Olympics suspended due to WWI) women were only allowed to compete in appropriately feminine sports: Archery, Diving, Figure Skating, Golf, Fencing, Swimming, and Tennis. The 1928 Games in Amsterdam represented a watershed when women were finally allowed to compete in Track and Field events.

The inclusion of talented women’s athlete led to historic performances, especially Canada’s track contingent of Bobbie Rosenfeld, Myrtle Cook, Ethel Smith, Jane Bell, Ethel Catherwood, and Jean Thompson. Dubbed the ‘Matchless Six’ they left Amsterdam with an impressive haul 2 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze helping Canada claim 4th overall at the Games. While these women proved their mettle in events like the 100yd dash, high jump, discus, and the 4x100yd dash, the final track and field event, the 800m race proved catastrophic for women’s advancement in sport. Anyone who has run an 800m race will tell you it’s one of the worst imaginable, essentially sprinting around a standard track twice.

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