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Woman allegedly removed by Liberal staffer after asking Trudeau a question

Woman allegedly removed by Liberal staffer after asking Trudeau a question 

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A woman claims that a Liberal staffer grabbed her and forced her to leave a campaign event after she confronted the prime minister with a question.

April Halley was at a St. John’s, N.L. campaign stop when she asked the prime minister to discuss women’s incarceration issues.

Halley told The Post Millennial that she approached the prime minister for an answer about Corrections Canada’s decision to allow biological men who identify as women to be held in women’s prisons.

“Corrections previous policy stated that only a male who had surgically altered his genitals could be housed in a women’s prison, Trudeau’s change (which eventually became Bulletin 584) made it so all a man has to do is say he is a woman and he can be housed in a women’s correctional facility,” said Halley.

“We make sure that Corrections Canada keeps the safety of all prisoners at the top of mind every step of the way. We do that with a way that’s consistent with the charter of rights and freedoms,” said Trudeau in response to the question.

“There are rapists in women’s prisons and you personally forced it,” says Halley during the press conference.

Shortly after the encounter, one member of the audience could be seen escorting the woman out of the room.

“His staff were unnecessarily aggressive, his staff member repeatedly grabbed me. This was totally uncalled for because when they asked me to leave the building I began to so quietly and without protest,” said Halley.

“The behaviour of the male Liberal staff member was abhorrent.”

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