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Winnipeg man in custody for allegedly punching dog
Canadian News

Winnipeg man in custody for allegedly punching dog 

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29-year-old Amminder Singh Grewal now faces charges for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal as well as attempts to obstruct justice.

Police have said the incident occurred on Saturday when Grewal was angrily looking for a missing Rottweiler that belonged to one of his family members. When he found the dog, he allegedly began to drag the dog by a choke chain before pummeling it in public.

Still unable to get the dog to come with him and now being confronted by witnesses, Grewal became hostile, intimidating the witnesses only to leave and come back with his own dog, a German Shepherd, “in an attempt to intimidate them further,” reports Global News’s Sam Thompson.

Witnesses stayed strong and protected the Rottweiler until police arrived. However, when they did, Grewal fled the scene only to be apprehended soon after.

Since then, “The Rottweiler, who belonged to a family member of the suspect,” writes Thompson, “has recovered and remains in care, while the German Shepherd, owned by the man, has been seized by Winnipeg’s Animal Services Agency.”

Grewal now faces two charges and remains in police custody.

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