Devyn Cusson and his girlfriend Rebecca Tweed were on their way home from work when they say they were viciously attacked by four individuals.

The encounter began when they were approached by three people, two woman and a man, who asked for the time and a lighter. They didn’t have a lighter but gave the time and started walking away. That’s when one of the women flipped and tried to attack Tweed with what was described as a “sock full of rocks,” reports Global News.

“We turned to go walk away and that’s when I noticed the girl swing at Rebecca and I defended us,” Cusson said.

“That’s when one of the females started hitting me in the head several times with the weapon that she had brought,” Tweed said. “It was very loud, very painful. I think she got me about four or five times.”

Cusson managed to fend off the attackers, though they managed to run off with his cell phone and cigarettes. At this time, Tweed had managed to escape and call 911.

According to the couple, a fourth person, a man wielding a hammer, emerged and came after Tweed while she was on the phone with the 911 operator.

“I was definitely thinking at some point in this fight I might die,” Cusson said.

Luckily, police managed to make it to the scene before things escalated further, and the couple survived the encounter, albeit with several bruises and a concussion sustained by Tweed.

Two suspects are now in custody, while police are searching for the other two. Police say that one was acting erratically; though, it is not certain whether drugs were involved.

“Something has got to happen with downtown,” Tweed said.