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William Shatner takes down “Ok Boomer”

William Shatner takes down “Ok Boomer” 

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William Shatner, the 88-year old Canadian actor famous for his portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk, has attacked millennials for calling him a “boomer.”

Shatner was not born in the baby-boomer generation; he was born in 1931. However, he was disgruntled with a woman using it as an insult and called her a “diva.”

She responded: “Not really into pejoratives, but what’s the term for people when they can’t interpret a joke?”

Shatner asked her if she meant Millennials, as he said that he was “already sick of this OK Boomer nonsense.”

In one instance, he said calling him a “boomer” would be a compliment, assumingly because it would make him appear to be younger.

“We don’t understand struggles? War? Depressions (economic, not personal)? Inflation? Double-digit Prime Interest rates?” He added, according to the Mirror.

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