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Why does our culture want us to stop having babies?

Why does our culture want us to stop having babies? 

The National Post asks “Is it immoral to have babies in the era of climate change,” and the question itself reveals the problem. If we believe our own continuance on the planet to be a moral negative, if we believe the rock upon which we live has more intrinsic value than human life, we are already in the death throes of a moral relativism that will destroy us if we let it. Survival of the planet without humans to people it is failure. 

While the one-child policy in China continues to come under fire, climate change activists promote the same type of policy, on a voluntary level. Stories that emerge from China about the lengths people go to in order to comply with the policy are harrowing. Babies abandoned, forced abortions and sterilizations, human trafficking rings, and infanticide are just a few of the ill-effects of government population control. But the most insidious thing of all is the internalization of the political propaganda that leads people to allow an ideology to dictate their family size. This internalization is what is being pushed by climate change activists.

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