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What gets lost in the Julian Assange noise
What gets lost in the Julian Assange noise

What gets lost in the Julian Assange noise 

My colleagues, Barrett Wilson and Ali Taghva, published a piece last Sunday titled, “Julian Assange: troll or truth teller?” It followed the piece I filed a few days before, and tackles a variation of a question I posed: “ Is Julian Assange a hero or a villain?” They take a much more pro-Assange stance than I do. They defend him against the charge that he’s not a real journalist, and take the establishment media to task for hypocrisy. They also celebrate Assange’s efforts to shed light on the state’s national security apparatus.

I agree that some of the joviality about his arrest is maddening when one recognizes the media’s flip-flopping on Assange. They were quite happy with his and Chelsea Manning’s efforts to “expose” American actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. They then had a change of heart when he sabotaged their agenda by helping to shatter Hillary Clinton’s electoral chances in 2016. These turnarounds aren’t only visible in liberals, either. Conservatives like Sean Hannity went from denouncing Assange as an anti-American agitator to hailing him as a mutineer acting against the liberal establishment. It’s obvious that people are willing to turn their backs on their professed principles if it serves their narrative and agenda. As I explained in my first piece, this is also true of Assange.

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