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We’re leftists and we disavow Antifa

We’re leftists and we disavow Antifa 

As leftists who write for ideologically diverse publications, we often receive harsh criticism—or total dismissal—from others in our political circles who have determined we are not sufficiently leftist enough. No true leftist could publish in The Post Millennial or (God forbid) Quillette, after all. The extreme polarization of the mainstream ideological spectrum has effectively placed tolerant association in the same category as endorsement or sympathy. Criticism of the in-group is treated even more harshly. That was a consistent theme in the aftermath of the horrific events in Portland, where Journalist Andy Ngo was brutally beaten by Antifa while covering their unchallenged riot in the streets. Our disavowment of Antifa and our absolute support for Ngo’s human right to do his job without the threat of harm somehow meant we couldn’t possibly have been leftists. How could we have been? We didn’t support Antifa’s clearly heroic stance against the fascist bogeyman. 

And a bogeyman it was. Mythical, elusive, and completely unreal. If anything was obvious by the end of day June 29th, it was that Antifa and their clapping monkeys had not a single clue what fascism was. Nothing Ngo had ever done could be described as advancing the ideology of fascism or neo-fascism, and yet the allegations had been thickly laid onto his name, many times by influential individuals and unofficial talking heads for the leftist side. Further, anyone who contested the allegations on Ngo’s behalf, ourselves included, were also quickly labelled fascists or fascist sympathizers. 

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