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Well known skier dies in Pemberton, B.C accident
Well known skier dies in Pemberton, B.C accident
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Well known skier dies in Pemberton, B.C accident 

A well known professional freeskier Dave Treadway died in an accident Monday.

Family members confirm that the thrillseeker, unfortunately, perished while filming a movie in the Pemberton, B.C. area.

“He lived to ski on these mountains of British Columbia,” said one family member on a Facebook post.

“He was loved by his wife and 2 wee boys, his mom and dad and brothers. He will leave a large void in their lives and will be deeply missed.”

The Pemberton Search and Rescue department was utilized and called to the Rhododendron Mountain area on Monday, where Treadway had fallen into a 30-meter-deep crevasse.

The Medical and extraction teams responded quickly, but were sadly unable to rescue him.

In a media release, search manager Dave MacKenzie said “The extraction from the crevasse was a very technical operation for the team.”

He continued, “a second team from Whistler SAR was dispatched to provide assistance to the Pemberton team.”

Treadway was a well known producer who filmed over a dozen ski videos. Treadway was a well-known skier in the area, with a strong social media and online presence that reflected his outdoorsy lifestyle, along with his love for his young family. Members of the ski community have also taken to social media to remember Treadway as a “true original.”

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