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Weinstein settles $25 million deal with group of accusers
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Weinstein settles $25 million deal with group of accusers 

Two years after Harvey Weinstein has been accused by numerous women of sexual misconduct and assault his lawyers have managed to strike a deal with the victims according to The New York Times. A tentative settlement of $25 million to be paid out to dozens of victims all while not having to admit any wrongdoing. Weinstein won’t even be paying any of the victims himself. It will come from his now-bankrupt studio.

All of the major parties involved have given their approval of the proposed global wide legal settlement. The accusers range from major Hollywood actresses, of which there are more than 30 to former employees of Weinstein. The various lawsuits have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment and rape. The money would have to be a shared payout with the possibility of more claimants who could join in the coming months.

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