A video posted on to Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer’s Twitter this morning shows a particularly odd interaction between the official leader of the opposition and the current Prime Minister.

Just days after Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion released his report concluding that Justin Trudeau inappropriately pressured then-Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould during what is commonly referred to as the SNC-Lavalin affair, Justin Trudeau appeared at an event in New Brunswick for the celebration of National Acadia Day.

It was at this point that Scheer approached Trudeau with one simple statement; “You need to stop lying to Canadians, you need to come clean.” The prime minister’s response was… odd, at best.

“Oh, this is a good day!” responded Trudeau, Acadia-handclapper noise-maker in hand at the Dieppe, New Brunswick-based event.

Scheer’s response was a bit tamer than many would expect, allowing Trudeau to walk away without repercussion, or really without dealing with any conflict at all.

The video is consistent with Andrew Scheer’s message that Trudeau needs to “come clean” with all of the details surrounding the Lav-Scam affair. 

What do you think of the interaction? Did Andrew Scheer come off as weak? Or did Trudeau weasel out of another confrontation?