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WATCH: Domestic abuse caught on video in Ontario, police investigating
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WATCH: Domestic abuse caught on video in Ontario, police investigating 

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Peel Regional Police are investigating an incident caught on video and posted to Facebook.

The video, which was posted on to Facebook by user Binder Singh, has been shared over 1,500 times, with scores of commenters disgusted by the blatant and inexcusable assault.

The video, which lasts just over 15 seconds long, shows a man with an orange turban repeatedly beating a woman in the middle of the street.

The video caught the attention of many others once it made its way to Twitter, where Peel Police stated that they were already investigating the situation.

Shortly after, Peel Police also posted a link to support the end of domestic abuse against women, as November 25 is the International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Anyone with information is asked to contact 22 Div. investigators at 905-453-3311, extension 2233. A follow-up tweet said that the incident had been investigated.

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