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WATCH: Bernie Sanders campaign calls police on journalist
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WATCH: Bernie Sanders campaign calls police on journalist 

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Shocking new footage was released today by Project Veritas, showing the Bernie Sanders campaign calling the police on their journalist as he attempted to get a comment from a campaign director on their recently exposed radical staffers. 

Victoria Felder, regional field director of the Sanders campaign, got in her car and drove off after a PV journalist requested comment on her recently exposed colleagues that were recorded promoting violence and communist propaganda. The campaign declined to speak to the PV journalist and called the police on him instead. 

A police officer who’d spoken to members of the Sanders’ campaign approached the journalist in his car, where he then passed the message along for them. According to the officer, the campaign is standing by its radical staffers and will continue to decline comment.

“So, this is what they’re telling me, is that all of the people that they work with and for and stuff like that will have no comment. That’s what you’re going to get from them.” said the officer.

He continues: “It’s one of those things where they wish he hadn’t said that, but they’re still standing by him.” 

One of the radical staffers, Martin Weissberger, is then spotted by the journalist and approached with questions on his extreme views and how they tie to the Sanders campaign. 

“Hey Martin, do you have a comment on wanting to dissolve the federal government and have Bernie Sanders act as a director—an executive director?” the journalist asked. 

Weissberger also declined to comment, got into his car, and drove off. 

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