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During Wednesday’s question period, the Prime Minister was grilled by Conservative MP and outspoken SNC-Lavalin critic Pierre Poilievre about his prior claim that Jody Wilson-Raybould never came forward with her concerns about political interference while serving as the justice minister.

On February 12th, in a media statement about her resignation from her post as the Minister of Veterans Affairs, Trudeau suggested that nobody came forward to him with concerns about alleged political interference.

“If anyone, particularly the Attorney General, felt that we were not doing our job fully, responsibly, and according to all the rules as a government, it was her responsibility to come forward to me this past fall and highlight that directly to me,” said Trudeau.

However, once pressed by Poilievre Trudeau seemingly turned the story on its head and admitted that she did in fact approach him.

“At that September meeting, the attorney general reports that she looked the prime minister in the eye and said: are you interfering in my role as attorney general, because I strongly advise against it. Does the prime minister remember her saying any such thing?” asked Poilievre.

In contradiction to a prior statement, Trudeau admitted that she did infact raise her concerns.

“Once she said that I responded, no I am not, it is her decision to make,” said Trudeau.