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VIDEO: Toronto LGBT crowd swarmed a pastor and the pastor was arrested
VIDEO: Toronto LGBT crowd swarmed a pastor and the pastor was arrested
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VIDEO: Toronto LGBT crowd swarmed a pastor and the pastor was arrested 

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A pastor was arrested and removed on bail after he was present in Toronto’s Gay Village. A condition for his release was that he was to be banned from ever visiting the district.

Police arrested David Lynn of Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries early Tuesday evening and charged him with disturbing the peace. A crowd protesting his message surrounded him and his fellow preachers causing a massive scene.

Members of Torch of Christ ministries were also present and posted a full video of the incident on YouTube, while Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries posted a seven-minute edited version.

The edited video shows Lynn using a microphone to declare he is “coming out as a Christian” and asking several people if they will “tolerate” him. They refuse.

“We have people who can’t say they even tolerate me, and I haven’t even said anything yet,” Lynn says as he’s surrounded people holding rainbow flags and pro-LGBTQ banners and signs.

Lynn declares he doesn’t hate anyone, that some people hate Christians, and that some people want him to “stay in the closet” as a Christian. He can be seen followed around, elbowed, and yelled at.

The video shows Lynn telling the Church and Wellesley neighbourhood’s Sergeant Henry Dyck, who is openly homosexual, he has a right to preach on the sidewalk and objecting to his arrest. Dyck responded to the camera, “We arrested a man for disturbing the peace after he was allegedly yelling derogatory comments.”

Toronto Police Services are now investigating whether the preacher’s actions amount to a hate crime.

In conversation with CityNews, Dyck claims “The difficulty becomes when that expression on loudspeaker and using screaming and insulting language results in people responding in a negative way.” Lynn, who has a different version of the story. “All I said was ‘God loves you, there’s hope for everybody.’ I didn’t do anything illegal, I was within my rights of the law. I didn’t go there to provoke anybody,” he claims.

Lynn will appear in court on July 10.

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