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VIDEO: Quebec man hurls racist comments at Muslim woman and her three-year-old daughter
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VIDEO: Quebec man hurls racist comments at Muslim woman and her three-year-old daughter 

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A viral video shows a shocking display of racism on a Montreal street Tuesday, posted onto “Les Algeriens de Montreal Facebook” page.

According to the woman who filmed the incident, a Muslim woman was walking out of a daycare when a man approached her, visibly upset.

The man then leans over to the Muslim woman’s crying three-year-old girl and demands her, “Demande à ta maman si je peux fourrer ta mère, enfant de salope.” Which translates to, “Ask your mom if I can f*ck your mom, child of a sl*t.”

The video, shared on social networks, was viewed nearly 440,000 times yesterday when publishing.

Earlier today, Quebec Premier François Legault’s office “maintained there is no link between the incident depicted in the video and the government’s new secularism law,” according to CBC.

“We firmly denounce these terrible actions. Hate, racism and intolerance do not have a place in our society,” said the release.

In a tweet, Liberal MNA Marie Montpetit, who represents the Montreal neighbourhood where the woman and her daughter were attacked, called the video “troubling,” asking for Francois Legault and the CAQ to denounce these types of islamophobic and discriminatory acts.

The Muslim woman who was attacked believes the man’s behaviour was encouraged by Quebec’s new religious symbols law that was passed last month, a controversial law which prohibited public servants from wearing religious symbols, amongst other “secular measures.”

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