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VIDEO: Justin Trudeau confuses Japan with China
VIDEO: Justin Trudeau confuses Japan with China
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VIDEO: Justin Trudeau confuses Japan with China 

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed his Japanese counterpart to Parliament Hill this morning. The two leaders met up in Ottawa to discuss trade, the upcoming G20 meeting in Japan, among other topics.

Though for our Prime Minister who once said that Baltic nations are “not a thing,” (sorry Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia) reading maps can be quite the challenge. Remembering so many countries is a tough task, as we all know Trudeau was a drama teacher, not a geography teacher.

“… on the occasion of 90 years of diplomatic relations between Canada and China… Uh, Japan.” Yikes!

Trudeau, we regret to inform you that China and Japan are two different countries with very distinct cultures, histories, and languages. Not just that, but historically, the two don’t tend to get along! (See: First and Second Sion-Japanese War).

Obviously, Trudeau will get a pass for this blunder. Our woke PM just made a couple of innocent mistakes, is all. Let’s just note that if Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer made this same mistake, we don’t think he’d get the mulligans that Trudeau did.

What do you think? Are China and Japan the same thing? Let us know in the comments below.

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