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Vancouver Police post wanted posters and $100,000 reward for murder suspect
British Columbia

Vancouver Police post wanted posters and $100,000 reward for murder suspect 

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Wanted pictures of Conor D’monte, one of the province’s most notorious criminals and gang members, are littering the streets of Vancouver.

According to Narcity Media, the poster campaign is part of Vancouver Police’s bid to speed up the locating and prosecution of D’monte, who is wanted for murder, by teaming up with Toronto and their Bolo Program, which spreads awareness of Canada’s most wanted criminals.

D’monte is wanted for the targeted and executed gang-related murder of 26-year-old Kevin LeClair, who died on February 6, 2009 in a suburban parking lot. While the police managed to arrest and charge multiple gang members from the United Nations gang, Bacon brothers, and the Red Scorpions, many of which fled the country, D’monte managed to evade capture.

According to police, D’monte is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for the murder of LeClair, and for the conspiracy to murder the Bacon brothers and various associates. He fled Canada in 2011 and was last seen in Southern California. However, D’monte is known to have connections around the world, including Asia and Europe.

The poster campaign, as well as the sizable reward incentive, are both tactics police are employing to track the elusive D’monte down and have him extradited to Canada where he can be tried.

As stated above, anyone with information that leads to the arrest of D’monte will receive a six-figure payday.

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