A US report claims that the border with Canada is a greater source of terrorist activity than the US border with Mexico.

The report released by the Cato Institute revealed that from 1975-2017, four out of seven people from “special interest countries” who were convicted of plotting a terrorist attack, entered the US illegally through Canada.

The U.S-Canada border is far larger than the border with Mexico, covering a total of 8,900 kilometers. The Canadian border is also far less patrolled and secure than the heavily guarded southern border with Mexico.

In 1987, a Vermont police officer apprehended a Lebanese individual crossing into the US from Canada with a bag full of explosives.

Walid Kabbani and two other accomplices were arrested at a US hotel the following day by authorities. The three individuals who were from Lebanon had lived in Montreal before making their way into the US.

While illegal border crossings from Canada into the US do occur, the number of people who illegally enter Canada through the US is far larger.

In 2017 alone, over 20,000 illegal immigrants slipped into Canada from the U.S.

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