Ottawa may be digging its heels deeper into the SNC-Lavalin scandal, as according to the Globe and Mail’s Robert Fife, David Lametti the newly appointed Attorney General, made it clear that a settlement between the government and SNC was still possible.

This is extremely intriguing since the federal director of public prosecution has asked the court to reject SNC-Lavalin’s plea to avoid criminal proceedings.

For the federal government to actively intervene and sidestep that prosecution, the PM would need to make his guidance public.

It seems the Trudeau government is now preparing to do so, but that still leaves the serious misconduct surrounding Jody Wilson-Raybould in the air.

If the PM, or his second in command Gerald Butts, did put pressure on the previous AG, the now more public approach does not clear the previous underhanded politicization of our judicial system.

This is why the need for the current AG to act in a non-partisan fashion is so important.

The Canadian people, will likely never be able to fully move past this potential case of serious corruption, without some sort of independent probe.

Sadly it seems the new AG has none of this in mind. According to David Lametti, there are no grounds for an investigation, even though he has only spoken to the PM.

Seriously, he only spoke to the PM, not even Jody Wilson-Raybould was interviewed, the person many Liberal insiders consider the whistleblower.

In the meantime, Liberal insiders, have taken the opportunity to attack former Attorney General Wilson-Raybould with a myriad of sexist complaints. Likely attempting to delegimaize her in the eyes of the Liebral base.

Just a moment of reflection should reveal how utterly insane and purely partisan that sounds.

Imagine you are detective Murdoch from Canada’s favourite show, Murdoch Mysteries.

You have been given a tip from one of the countries best private investigators detailing a serious crime that was committed last month by a specific individual.

Including reports that the victim involved in the crime, may have actually helped the private investigator.

Would you choose to walk up to the potential criminal, ask them what they did, and then when they respond, merely take their word for it?

That would probably make for a terrible episode of TV, and Murdoch, well he might have just been fired.

At some point, Canadians will have to stop watching this train wreck of a show, and ask the following:

How far is Trudeau’s AG willing to go to shut his eyes to the glaring evidence?

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