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Trudeau will censor your social media if reelected
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Trudeau will censor your social media if reelected 

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The Trudeau Liberals plan to regulate and censor your social media if reelected, according to a new report from Blacklock’s Reporter.

“To help stop the proliferation of violent extremism online, we will move forward with new regulations for social media platforms starting with a requirement that all platforms remove illegal content, including hate speech, within 24 hours or face significant financial penalties,” the Liberal Party of Canada responded to a questionnaire distributed by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

The Liberal statement was in response to the question: “Does your party support the development of a national strategy to combat online hate and disinformation?”

It has been noted by many experts that Trudeau’s plans for censoring social media are dangerous and Orwellian. Parliament had previously repealed Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act that had banned posts on the internet that were considered to spread “hatred or contempt.” Trudeau and the Liberals have been exploring reinstating that section.

Last year, Mark Steyn warned the Parliamentary Justice Committee’s task force on hate speech that “Ultimately, free speech is hate speech, and hate speech is free speech. It’s for the speech you hate, the speech you revile. The alternative to free speech is approved speech, and that necessarily means approved by whom?”

Free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd added that reinstating Section 13 would “cast too wide of a net and extremists who are already intent on causing real-world violence will go to the deeper and darker web to communicate whilst individuals who shouldn’t be caught up in online hate legislation will inevitably get caught up in it.”

This election, political censorship has already reared its ugly head. A few weeks ago Facebook censored a Toronto Sun opinion piece, deeming it fake news.

In the past, Trudeau and his ministers have had private meetings with top Facebook execs asking them to censor content the Liberals find problematic. Trudeau also announced his party was planning to implement a Digital Charter in May of 2019.

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