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Trudeau tweets away $50 Million to impress comedian
Justin Trudeau
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Trudeau tweets away $50 Million to impress comedian 

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It seems that Donald Trump is in Justin Trudeau’s head.

How else can you explain this behaviour: pandering to a B-list celebrity comedian (Trevor Noah) and announcing a plan to spend 50 million dollars of taxpayer money in a single tweet.

While the pledge may be for a good causeEducation Cannot Wait, an organization that makes education available for children who have been affected various conflicts and disastersTwitter was most definitely the wrong venue and the gesture was highly inappropriate.

It was behaviour unbecoming of a world leader. But sadly, I suppose Canadians are getting used to that by now.

Of course, Trevor Noah was pleased.

Many on Twitter pushed back against Trudeau’s tweet.

Post Millennial columnist Barbara Kay quipped that, “This is probably one of the worst gaffes whoever writes @JustinTrudeau’s tweets has ever made.”

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer said: “Taxpayers need a defender, not somebody who throws their money around to be popular with celebrities,” adding that “this is how deficits become massive and permanent.”

Senator Denise Batters said, “Message to PM: Quit typing: It’s too expensive!”

Author and investor W. Brett Wilson responded that “This doesn’t seem right. Especially when our own backyard [sic] is on fire, flooding, blowing up and such. You know what I mean.”

Wilson’s right. Considering that Canada has so many unsolved problems, it’s an outrage that Trudeau is more concerned with impressing Hollywood celebrities and pledging money without any accountability to the Canadian taxpayer.

Think about this: entire generations of Indigenous people have grown up without safe drinking water and the problem is far from solved, our military is depleted and in need of resources, and companies are closing factories left and right.

So why did Justin Trudeau choose to tweet away 50 million of our dollars in order to impress an unfunny cable television fake news host?

I guess because it’s 2018.

Disclaimer: Yanky Pollack ran in the last provincial election for the PCQ.

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