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Trudeau to meet with opposition leaders next week
Trudeau takes questions at National Press Theatre in Ottawa for the first time since election.
Canadian News

Trudeau to meet with opposition leaders next week 

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will hold one-on-one meetings with each party leader before heading to parliament to form as the leader of a Liberal minority government.

The meetings will take place on the week of Nov. 11, according to a PMO spokesperson.

According to CTV News, all federal party leaders will meet with Trudeau separately.

This will be part of Trudeau’s effort to navigate his minority government through the demands of each party leader. The Liberal agenda includes billions in new spending of taxpayer money on students, families and the environment, and committing Canada to net zero emissions by 2050.

Trudeau has ruled out a coalition agreement, but he will need help in parliament from at least one of the other parties.

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