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Andrew Scheer claimed earlier today that the Liberal government lacks a real climate change plan, while also noting that he accepted the conclusions of experts in the field that climate change caused more extreme weather events.

The Conservative party leader told reporters that he “absolutely” sees a link between climate change and the flooding currently affecting thousands of homes in Quebec, Ontario, and Atlantic Canada.

Mr. Scheer also said that it was precisely this link between disasters and climate change which makes it extremely important to find a real solution rather than an ineffective carbon tax.

Canada even with its current Liberal carbon tax regime is not even close to meeting its Paris climate accord targets. A U.N report has described the odds of Canada meeting those targets as “virtually impossible.”

While Andrew Scheer did call out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s lacklustre plan, the Conservative party has yet to release a plan to tackle GHG emissions, According to a statement released this weekend that plan is currently expected to come sometime before June 21st when parliament is set to adjourn, although no one really knows if it will actually meet the Paris Accord targets, provide meaningful reductions at reasonable costs, or do anything at all.

What do you think about the Liberal carbon plan? Do you think the Conservative policy will be any better?

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