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Trudeau government spends $326 million keeping submarines on dry land
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Trudeau government spends $326 million keeping submarines on dry land 

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The Trudeau government spent $326 million of taxpayer money keeping the entire Canadian fleet of submarines for a year on dry land, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

The Department of National Defence, which is led by Liberal Minister Harjit Sajjan, admitted that Canada will have to spend more on refits and repairs than it cost to buy the entire fleet in the first place.

Speaking in defence of this use of Canadian’s taxes, Sajjan stated, “The Royal Canadian Navy’s four Victoria-class submarines are one of Canada’s most strategic assets for conducting surveillance of Canadian and international waters.”

“The submarine force’s far-reaching capabilities have also been invaluable in meeting Canada’s international objections and supporting NATO allies, and have been active at sea since 2003.”

In 1995, Jean Chretien’s Liberal government approved the purchase of four British submarines for the price of $750 million. One of these (despite being a vehicle submerged under water) caught fire—killing a Canadian crewman—while the others required expensive maintenance.

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