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Trudeau gets ridiculed on Twitter after low-energy Trump meeting
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Trudeau gets ridiculed on Twitter after low-energy Trump meeting 

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Twitter’s latest favourite Trudeau moment? His awkward meeting with Donald Trump.

Clips and images from the event have been circulating online which show a meek and uncomfortable Trudeau seemingly gritting his teeth through the entire affair.

Prime Minister Trudeau left to the United States on Wednesday evening to discuss with President Trump the free trade agreement and China.

In the videos from the diplomatic meeting, Trump and Trudeau look about as compatible as mismatched socks.

“Trudeau is sitting there like a shy little school girl” said one Twitter user.

“Trump knows to be nice or Justin will cry,” said another Twitter user about the interaction.

Other comments were quick to point out the prime minister’s awkward body language and lack of input during the entire affair.

What do you think about Trudeau’s behaviour around Donald Trump?

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