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Trudeau flights from Florida to Ottawa will cost taxpayers over $100,000
Justin Trudeau
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Trudeau flights from Florida to Ottawa will cost taxpayers over $100,000 

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Yesterday, Justin Trudeau took to flying back from his vacation in Florida to take a photo with MP Bill Morneau. After his flight, Trudeau decided to return to Florida to continue his vacation.

With a flight to Florida from Ottawa taking about three hours each way, and with the cost to operate the Prime Minister’s jet in the $14,000 per hour range, the total cost that will be carried by the taxpayer totals over $100,000.

“Former prime minister Stephen Harper in the past paid economy fare prices for personal travel with his family. Harper issued an edict in 2011, saying he expected all senior officials to reimburse taxpayers for the cost of personal flights on government aircraft, after documents suggested former Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Walter Natynczyk had spent more than $1 million flying on the air force’s Challenger jets since 2008, including a flight to St. Maarten.” Trudeau will be doing the same thing, though the costs of these flights in particular add up quickly.

This also comes in direct contrast to Trudeau’s message on climate change, as the flights surely not carbon friendly.

Trudeau’s vacation comes in a temporary break in the ongoing SNC-Lavalin scandal, a fiasco that has caused the Liberal ship to experience plenty of turbulence. The Prime Minister will surely be returning to plenty of scrutiny, as the media has not been friendly to Trudeau for his handling of the scandal.

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