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According to a report by The Rebel’s Sheila Gunn Reid, the Trudeau family spent $300 on plastic water bottles in a single month.

While the access to information blurred out the brand and type of water purchased by the Trudeau family in their grocery bill the items were clearly labelled as “water.”

The revelation comes shortly after Justin Trudeau announced that the Liberal government is seeking to completely ban single-use plastics in Canada by the year 2021.

Yesterday, while announcing the Liberal plan, the Prime Minister was asked by reporters to describe what his family was doing to limit single plastic usage.

“We have recently switched to drinking water bottles out of… water out of… when we have water bottles out of plastic. Sorry! Away from plastic towards paper like drink-box water bottles sort of things,” claimed the Prime Minister.

However an access information request might prove otherwise.

To put the expenditure into perspective, a 24-pack of Nestle water bottles costs $4.47. In total, a $300 purchase in Nestle Water bottles would be a total of 1,608 water bottles.